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Our Courses

Certifed Nursing Assistant

We offer Washington State Aproved CNA Day and Evening Courses. Our Day courses are only 3.5 weeks long and our Evening courses are 5.5 weeks long.

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Home Care Aide

Our HCA course is self-paced, which means you can go as fast or as slow as you need to fit your schedule. We also allow you pay as you complete each module.

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Continuing Education

We offer a variety of Continuing Education Courses approved by Washinton State DSHS.

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CPR/First Aid

We offer BLS CPR and First Aid for Health Care Providers through MEDIC First Aid.

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About Us
Care Careers Academy began in 1997 as the Eldercare Education Center, a division of Elder Options. The program started before any formalized caregiver training was recognized by the state of Washington for persons working in private homes and retirement settings. We were credentialed by the State of Washington as a Certifed Vocational School in 2011.
Our Instructors

Susan D. Ogden - RN


Great class, truly learned a lot. The blue book was a great handout and tool for me to use. Class time was nice to go over chapters, loved how fast paced everything was as well.

Emily H.
CNA Student

She was a very good teacher; it didn't matter how many questions we asked she never got frustrated or mad. She was hard on us so that we worked harder and made it through this class with everything we needed to know to be successful. Amazing class and teacher!

Billie G.
CNA Student

Susan is a great teacher. Very helpful and understanding. Very interactive with class and in clinicals. She made this class taught skills efficiently. Gave plenty of time to practice.

CNA Student

An awesome class and an awesome experience!

CEU Student

Job Outlook

Job growth for nursing assistants in general is expected to be at a rate of 21% over the 2012-2022 decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), This projected growth is faster than the average for all occupations and is expected to create 312,200 new positions by 2022. The BLS expects community rehabilitation services and home health services to have the best job opportunities, because government funding is expected to lead to less demand for these workers at nursing homes.

Factors of Growth

Due to the growing demand for in-home services, home health aides are expected to gain jobs more quickly than nursing assistants. This is due to an increasing elderly population and efforts made by hospitals and insurance agencies to keep costs lower. These agencies are now moving patients out of care facilities more quickly. Patients who require long-term care are also receiving treatment at home using new medical technologies.

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Percentage of growth in employment for CNA Jobs in the US


Average Range of Pay

$10.61 - $17.39
Career Opportunites

We can be your stepping stone to other nursing and professional careers! Have you considered careers in ...

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor's Offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Physical, Occupational and Sports Clinics
  • Home Health Care
  • Hospice
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Adult Family Homes
  • Insurance Companies
  • Education/ Training Assistants